Maya Quilolo (b. 1994) is a Brazilian artist and researcher born in Maroon, a quilombola community in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A Phd candidate at the Minas Gerais Federal University, Quilolo is interested in multidisciplinary investigations addressing the black body's potentialities and the intersections between art, anthropology, and indigenous heritage. Their explorations of the quilombos and indigenous cosmologies are expressed in several mediums, such as video, pho- tography, drawing, performance, literature, and sculpture. Quilolo has a back- ground in audiovisual studies, communication, and anthropology and in 2022, the artist was awarded by the Prince Claus Fund as one of the Mentorship Awards recipients. For the performance lpôri (2019, Nigeria), she crossed the Atlantic carrying water from South American rivers to the African continent - in order to express the transatlantic relationships.



Maya Quilolo

Multidisciplinary Artist
Winner of CAREC AWARD, Prince Cluss Fund & Goethe Institue, 2023
Visiting Faculty Research at UMBC, 2023


PhD Candidate in Communication & Media (UFMG, BR)
MFA Communication & Media (UFRB)
Bachelor of Anthropology (UFMG)
Electronics Technician (CEFET-MG)
Audio and Video Technician - Ol Kabum! School of Art and Technology
Undergraduate in Cinema and Audiovisual (UFRB)

Cinema, Film Production, Executive Producer, Creative Director

Bucala and Abayomi Doll (FCBA, 2020)
Mozamba (FMC, 2020)
Circulabit - Film Distribution (ICMS- MG, 2018)
IPORI - International performance project (SEC-MG, 2018)
BUCALA: a pequena princesa do quilombo do Cabula .(FSA, 2019)
Mulheres Encarceradas - Human Rights (FRIDA FUND, 2017)
TV Rede Minas, MULHERE-SE (2016).
It Film Communication and Entertainment (2015-2018)

Communication, Marketing. Media Coordinator

C2off Hip-Hop Collective, Betim- 2012,2013;
Roots Ativa - Agroecology, Aglomerado da Serra - Belo Horizonte 2013;
Sarau'Sarau Collective - poetry, Betim-MG 2013,2014,2015;
DiverSas Festival - Communication, Belo Horizonte -2015,2016;
Bloco das Pretas - Communication- Black Women Collective, 2014,2015,2016.;
Black Living Center 2016, 2017;
I Womans Black Cinema Film Show, 2017;
1l,11, Ill Cinema and Quilombos Film Show, 2020, 2021, 2023. CAFIN _ Contributes of AfroBrazilina Heritage to the National Identity. 2017
Benjamin de Oliveira Theather Show, 2017
Il Quilombo Cultures Festival. 2017

Artistic Residencies (Competitive)

MUNA. Young black women in the visual arts . Belo Horizonte, 2019.
Death & Life. African and Diaspora Artists. Cachoeira, 2019.
BDMG Lab Cultural. Visual Arts. Belo Horizonte, 2020.
Pivo Art And Research. São Paulo, 2021.
Quilombo Project. SALTS. Basel, Switzerland 2021.
Afro Butoh Nzila ti N'gombe. FAN, Belo Horizonte, 2021.
João das Neves. FIT, Belo Horizonte, 2021.


Snake Ori Raiload. Video. Fastasmogorias Dahomeanas. Salvador, 2022.
Ago. Instalation. Bunstraum kreuzberg. Berlin, Germany, 2021.
Cached Fish. Instalation. SALTS. Basel, Switzerland, 2021.
lpôri . Performance. Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove Festival. Nigéria, 2018.
lpôri. Vídeo-performance. Manjar . São Paulo, 2019
I'm atlantic Snake. Installation. Open Studio. Death & Life. Cachoeira, 2019
Cobra d'água. Installation. MUNA. Belo Horizonte, 2019.
À vendalnstallation. O inusitado cabe dentro do comum. Betim, 2018.
Ori Installation. Ways of Future Gallery . Belo Horizonte, 2016.
De Fora pra Dentro. Installation. Sesc Venda Nova. Belo Horizonte, 2015.
Voto-corpo-não-político. Performance. 4825 Gallery. Belo Horizonte, 2014.
Vermelho. Performance. 4825 Gallery. Belo Horizonte, 2014.


CAPES (2020-2024)
FMC . Creative Fellow Creation (2021)
FMC Creative Felow Presentation (2018)


Thinking Images: Aesthetics and Politics of alterity. VI Antropology and Archeology Congress. 2020.
Healings as a war process.PLANETARY EMBODIMENT: Ancient Approaches, New Earthly Cultures. Universitãt der Kúnste Berlin, 2021.


Las artes de si: Quilombos, cumbes e palenques as an horizon trought africanOamericans artist. TEPOZTLAN Institute, 2023.
The impossibility of anthropological boundaries. Colóquio ISESE. Obafemi Awolowo University. Theatre, Department of Dramatic Arts. Ile-lfe, Nigéria, 2018.
Quilombos: healing colonial heritage. Basel University. African Studies Center. Basel, Switzerland, 2021.
Is the peace white, or does the resistance has colour?. Cinema Festival, CINE BH, 2022.
Anthropology and Performance: perspectives; Il Brazil Comolobia Seminar. Social Sciences Department UFRB, 2019.